Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

"Mary is a natural gifted healer. Her warm compassionate presence, along with her depth, insight and fearlessness to travel deep within the psyche/soul/spirit is untouchable-- within only two months of seeing Mary for inner child work, I released deep hidden anxiety from my childhood that I was unable to do with past therapist/healers. I have never worked with someone with whom I have felt so safe and present.

Thanks to Mary's gentle and spirited guidance, I also unlocked an ocean of creativity. Mary is a gifted healer, a creative soul living in the moment affecting the world and her clients by her being-ness alone. Anyone who works with her will be blessed, touched and changed from the inside out."

 Andi Starr Singer, Songwriter

"Mary is not of this world... It's impossible to do justice in describing who she is and what she does because her work comes from an indescribable place that is completely Sacred and Holy... She works like a surgeon in the underworld... knowing exactly where to go, what detail to attend to and where to extend the light. She works with absolute precision and a deep deep compassion. Working with her is utterly's like dipping yourself in the other side... in PURE LIGHT."

After years of mainstream therapy, her particular inner child work penetrated and healed me in the deepest of ways and became a doorway for an even more profound healing in my life. Instead of focusing on other people and their affect on my life, she always brought my struggles back to me and helped me take responsibility for my OWN pattern that was attracting such toxicities. Magically, my outer world became more peaceful and the toxic people in my life started effortlessly drifting away.  It is Magical what she does.

 Madison Intuitive Spiritual Counselor Santa Fe, NM

Through Mary's patient, gentle and persistent persuasion I began to discover and release hidden core issues that had been impacting both my life and my relationships. These core beliefs had gone undiscovered for over 5 decades. What I discovered was that my inner child both needed and wanted to be heard. Mary is a teacher who lives in her heart, in love, in the moment, and shares it all with wisdom, innocence and compassion. I would recommend Mary to anyone seeking healing or insight into anything of the spirit.

Greg Riley Shamanic Healer