Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

Together we can discover and release you from the blocks that have been limiting you from moving forward on your inner journey.

‚ÄčThe origins of problematic patterns, core beliefs and emotional responses are usually hidden,

buried in the subconscious and you may not know how they impact your daily life.

They can be transformed and within a very short amount of time you can be living a very different life. Sometimes within just one session issues which have remained hidden for years are revealed.

I create a safe environment in order to bring these issues safely and gently into the light. By entering into and releasing these old persistent patterns and beliefs you move out of a life of reaction,fear, shame and discomfort and into a rich life of depth, awareness and emotional freedom.

‚ÄčSessions are unscripted and intuitively guided to meet each individuals needs.  Individual sessions are available by         phone and in person (depending on your location).