Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

When I asked Mary to do a session with me I had some trepidation about it, but was very curious. Mary quickly put me at ease and allowed me to trust implicitly that she would hold me close and be gentle with my soul.

What I experienced was a glimpse into a future that I could attain as she led me through the ‘memory feelings’ of my past. Mary’s innate ability to radiate trust is quite remarkable and in so doing you are able to get where you need to go, with a flow that I haven’t experienced before.

I have experience traditional therapy and I found the session with Mary to be completely revolutionary, in my becoming aware of NOW and how I am really in control of it all.

I just have to shift my perspective. Practice, Practice, Practice, Like most things in life the more we practice the

better we become if that that is our focus.

                                 Mary said we can all begin to "Live in the fullness of our being”

                                           I look forward to my sessions with her in the future.


                                                                                                                                                              Paula Dove, Certified Life Coach