Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

Mary is not of this world... It's impossible to do justice in describing who she is and what she does because her work comes from an indescribable place that is completely Sacred and Holy... She works like a surgeon in the underworld... knowing exactly where to go, what detail to attend to and where to extend the light. She works with absolute precision and a deep deep compassion. Working with her is utterly's like dipping yourself in the other side... in PURE LIGHT... Her energy works like a transference of Light that extends through the body and one can experience an instant healing.  I remember a session with her when I was feeling a lot of stress bringing out old childhood wounds and she passed light through me over the phone and I felt as if GRACE itself had become me.  It was an Eternal moment that I will never ever forget.

Her inner child work is a whole other extension of who she is... she works with the inner child in the most loving, compassionate, non threatening and uplifting way.  Coming from severe trauma in my history, she helped me save that little girl from a past of heartache.  After years of mainstream therapy, her particular inner child work penetrated and healed me in the deepest of ways and became a doorway for an even more profound healing in my life. Instead of focusing on other people and their affect on my life, she always brought my struggles back to me and helped me take responsibility for my OWN pattern that was attracting such toxicities. Magically, my outer world became more peaceful and the toxic people in my life started effortlessly drifting away.  It is Magical what she does.  I also experienced amazing manifestation while working with her. I remember one inner child session with Mary where she had me draw with my non dominant hand a picture of what my little girl wanted.  The picture that came of that was of myself and my partner sitting on a couch in a home by a fire in a desert surrounded by nature with dirt, birds and sunshine.  A year later my partner and i literally moved from Portland, OR to Santa Fe, NM (the high desert) and found ourselves sitting next to each other on a couch next to a fire surrounded by nature!  That was manifested just in ONE year after that session!! My little one is thriving now because of the work we've done and has a whole new set of tools to work with.  Her inner child healing work is like CPR to the dying child inside... my breath and dreams are back and alive from the inside out! 

She is like a bridge from this world to the other... a gatekeeper of sorts, a Shaman.  Mary has no walls in her work... she is completely transparent and works like water in the underworld... the truest place.  it's tender and completely fluid with her. She has a brilliant gift of sight and clairsentience that touches one's essence at the very CORE and scoops you up into the light and lens of truth. There are no maps or formulas with her... she follows the heartbeat, the truth with out ANY resistance.. she lets the mind go and is completely PRESENT with what is... her transparency has changed me and allowed me to experience life with a new found acceptance of self that is completely separate from the world and other people's perceptions of me.  She has that gift of helping people truly embrace their essence, their gifts from the INSIDE.  She is a leader of the inner world, a guide, a trail blazer of the heart and soul, a master of death and life and Light... she knows because she's been there and come back to help  us across that bridge... when i connect with Mary i feel like I am on a journey on the other side where truth resonates at the deepest and softest level... my breath lightens and slows down... time stops... and the Eternal is all that matters. She's an absolute genius of the underworld and deserves the highest of acknowledgment that far surpasses today's mainstream healing system.