Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

I found Mary from a reading I had with an intuitive who had suggested that I do some inner child work to unleash the untapped energy and power I have been storing but it being time to be my ALL, it was time to do the work.  I took this suggestion and began google-ing this person who specializes in inner child work, thinking they would be in Portland, Oregon where I live.  Surprise!  Up pops her website, which totally speaks to me, but she is in California.  Ok so I emailed her contact info and within hours she had responded and we were setting up our first phone session.  The moment I heard her voice, that of an angel, soft and in a clear higher pitch there was no question if she was the right person. 

We had a few phone sessions and then I had the opportunity to attend a seminar in Los Angeles which opened the door with doing a couple of sessions within her grace.  As I have shared my way of being with her so she knew our soul session was to be that of an adventure for that is how I move and heal.  She describes to me that it is different with every person how these sessions unfold.  As we are each unique individuals with different ways of being touched and inspired, she goes right to your place where and how you can connect the deepest and all in the perfect time.   

So we jump into her car and she says I am not quite sure where we will end up, but I know we are to head north along the coast.  I love it, and also know that we are heading to the right place.  We end up at a beautiful little town and head to the beach.  Our first interaction is with a homeless man.  We deemed him the gatekeeper as our exchange was so precious.  From there we meandered along the beach for a bit one of my favorite places on earth to be.  Sun shining and blessing this time. 

Then Mary guides me to these salt pools and the enchanted beach forest to go deeper within.  We have a ritual before crossing a bridge over the sacred salt pools, where I release some things I had prepared earlier.  As we finished she followed me, as if becoming my shadow, so connected.  I play and wind my way as I feel called through the Eucalyptus trees and see grasses butterflies, dragonflies, birds, dogs, you name it, it was there.  A very magical place.  Our final destination was a setting so incredible a stretch of beach very beautiful.  From here I took off.  I knew what I needed to do.  Mary sat back, as if the strong parent, holding space for now the ritual I performed and wrote myself.

It was so very powerful, simple and profound.  

Mary's work and way is tailored to each person.  There is only the one perfect formula to nurture each child, and by nature it is within us.

Mary has the gift of this perfect formula..YOU.  Thank you Mary for sharing your soul in our sessions together!!


                   Lisa Stidd Silver, Intuitive Architect, Writer, Adventurer at Large...Mother of three

                                                 most recently in Maui, HI