Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

8 sessions later here is what Jill has to say:

When I first contacted  Mary I thought I was too broken to be mended. But mended  I am with Marys unconditional guidance and love. Stuff that came up that was painful and the anxiety that was taking over my life has gone.  If it does rear its ugly head I now know what tools to use so that it no longer sends me into a panic.  I, like others have used other therapies that have been of value but have not mended me.  My inner neglected, bruised and forgotten child has been noticed and honored and healed.  She is alive and kicking and doing very well thank you. Through Mary’s magical presence, empathetic nature, and emotional  support I have come face to face with the pain that has hurt me for so long. I no longer ache.  I  no longer feel on edge. I no longer want to be invisible. I am enjoying  my life, my family and my work.  I laugh more and live in the moment. I can find joy in little things that I would never have noticed before as I was so wrapped up in my pain.  My thinking has changed, as has my attitude to life.

It’s as if the shadow of doubt that was following me all my life has vanished and now I can see and feel the warmth of the  sun and see and feel the real beauty of this world.

I am healing and it is wonderful . I am lighter, and not clouded by worry and angst that was with me most of my life.  My life is good and I owe that to Mary. 

She really is a gift sent from heaven.  I am so lucky to have found you Mary. Thank you. 

Jill Marie January 2013 UK     

Here is a sample of how I felt and what came out of our first phone session:

Jill: I just wonder Mary if I am too broken to do this work? Nothing seems to help me get better. I feel so damaged and have had other therapies and it helped a little but the same old thoughts keep coming back. Someone suggested that I need to start acknowledging my inner child.  I ache and feel this pain that doesn’t go away.  I feel insignificant, weak, no voice, like I don't matter. All these thoughts whizzing around in my head:  "you are to weak, nothing works for you, I hate my life. you always mess up, if the pain gets too much I have to run away. Like I have had so many jobs and if people upset me I have to leave.etc.


Mary: Where is the pain?

Jill: Its all over, it engulfs me.

Mary:  I want you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, begin to slow down and listen to yourself breathing.

Jill: OK

Mary: I want you now to put your left  hand on your heart and just feel your own heart beat and breath - your chest rising slowly up and then down.

Jill: OK

Mary: Now I want you to ask your soul the same question you just asked me:   "Am I too broken to do this work?"

Jill:  I write it down asking my soul.

Mary: What does it say?

Jill: It says “No, it just  needs  mending.” 

So this was how we began the inner child work and today mended  I am thanks to  Mary's unconditional guidance and love.