Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing


Mary is a leader of the inner world, a guide, a trail blazer of the heart and soul, a master. When i connect with Mary i feel like I am on a journey on the other side where truth resonates at the deepest and softest level... my breath lightens and slows down... time stops... and the Eternal is all that matters. She's an absolute genius of the underworld and deserves the highest of acknowledgment that far surpasses today's mainstream healing system. To read full story click here.


I found Mary from a reading I had with an intuitive who had suggested that I do some inner child work to unleash the untapped energy and power I have been storing?but it being time to be my ALL, it was time to do the work.  I took this suggestion and began google-ing this person who specializes in inner child work, thinking they would be in Portland, Oregon where I live.  Surprise!  Up pops her website, which totally speaks to me, but she is in California.  I emailed the contact info and within hours she had responded and we were setting up our first phone session.  The moment I heard her voice, that of an angel, soft and in a clear higher pitch there was no question if she was the right person. 


Through Mary's magical presence, empathetic nature, and emotional  support I have come face to face with the pain that has hurt me for so long. I no longer ache.  I  no longer feel on edge. I no longer want to be invisible. I am enjoying  my life, my family and my work.  I laugh more and live in the moment. I can find joy in little things that I would never have noticed before as I was so wrapped up in my pain.  My thinking has changed, as has my attitude to life. It?s as if the shadow of doubt that was following me all my life has vanished and now I can see and feel the warmth of the  sun and see and feel the real beauty of this world..  I am healing and it is wonderful .


Sweet Mary is a gifted light worker, intuitive healer, shamanic healer, a Master at these and other spiritual healing modalities.  The gift that she shares so freely and that I most appreciate, is her dedication to maintaining her loving physical vibration.  This allows her to be the hollow bone through which spirit can work miracles in this dimension. I came to visit and work with her after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and soon after undergoing radiation therapy.  The therapy was taxing my body.  I felt old, tired, and afraid.  When I informed Mary about this dilemma she, as always, felt into the illness and invited me to visit her. 


It was divine intervention.  My dog's bed is near to my bookshelf and while walking by it one day last week, I noticed a book, The Artist's Way, had fallen (?) off the shelf and was situated prominently on the dog bed.  Certain this was a suggestion that should not be ignored, I took the book to my room and began to read through it.  I was leafing through the quotes and noticed the author of one was simply "The Magical Work of the Soul."  Intrigued by this, I began an Internet search for that book or author or body of work and found instead Mary's website, The Work of the Soul, in the early search results.  Happily detoured, I spent time reading about Mary, her approach, and enthusiastic testimonials.  After hearing her voice (kind, warm, and compassionate), I decided to contact her and am so glad I did.  That is how beautiful the universe can be, always supporting and directing (in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways) ready students to their teachers.


I walked away from my session with Mary beaming with new insight and perspective. Something that normally takes years in talk therapy to heal only took me an hour and a half with Mary. (I spent several years in therapy and also was a practicing therapist for several years.) Mary began channeling questions for my fear parts to express, using sound and other tools to let this part dialogue with me to gain insight and understanding into what was hindering my freedom. Instantly I was able to connect with what was holding me back, and instantly I was enlightened, able to let go of the 'splinter' that was blocking me. After this sacred ritual, I came home full of new energy and inspiration. Rather than spinning in psychotherapy analysis for years, I got to come home after 2 hours healed and enlightened.  


My session became a glimpse into a future that I could attain as she led me through the memory feelings of my past. Mary's innate ability to radiate trust is quite remarkable and in so doing you are able to get where you need to go, with a flow that I haven't experienced before. I have experience traditional therapy and I found Mary's mapping session to be completely revolutionary, in my becoming aware of NOW and how I am really in control of it all as far as my commitments to myself.