Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

Sweet Mary is a gifted light worker, intuitive healer, shamanic healer, inner child supporter…a Master at these and other spiritual healing modalities.  The gift that she shares so freely and that I most appreciate, is her dedication to maintaining her loving physical vibration.  This allows her to be the “hollow bone” through which spirit can work miracles in this dimension. Recently I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was undergoing radiation therapy.  The therapy was taxing my body.  I felt old, tired, and afraid.  When I informed Mary about this dilemma she, as always, felt into the illness and invited me to visit her. We spent the first days visiting nature and spiritual sites, talking, laughing, living and enjoying the beauty of Southern California.


On the third day, during our morning meditation she asked me to lie down on my back.  Mary was now receiving guidance from spirit as to what needed to be done. In a trance state Mary silently performed (although she would say she did nothing but allow spirit to flow through her) a series of healings on me.

She then guided me as I connected with the cancer.  Mary helped me through a series of self healing exercises.  We worked not only on the prostate, but on my entire body, mind, and spirit.

After the releasing of the toxins she began tracking the CAUSE of the cancer. 


Through a few questions Mary guided me to remember the origination of the anger that I carry and frequently express.  She discovered my Father’s anger and that when I was very young I was afraid of him and considered him to be a mean, scary, and angry man.  With this information, Mary intuited that I had embodied that anger, had become that.  She later explained that when we judge, project and label others that over time we become that, embody it. As we think, so we become. She explained that my Father had probably also embodied anger from his Father. She helped me connect to my Father's energy (he is deceased) and to feel the truth of who he is. I felt so much love it was as if we were both getting free. I realized that he did not want me to carry this pain of his any longer. We had a re-union.


Next we went outside and worked on releasing this faulty perception.  Using a shamanic “Illumination” like process, one  Mary helped me to purge my anger and my resentment for my Dad.  I felt free.  My energy had returned.  I felt better physically than I had prior to the diagnosis.  I returned home.  My mind is clear.  I am re-membering

Thank you Mary.  I love you.


Gregory Riley