Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

Creativity is the vehicle and the essential language of giving meaning to that which connects us all. It is spirit made manifest and this is a sacred act, it is an act of creation. We honor this inward call by listening and responding with our allowing images, words, and art to be born from this place. We learn to attend to the soul by following these urgings from within and allowing them to direct us.

Through creating art we begin to build a bridge between the inner life of images and sensation to our outer everyday lives, weaving them together in a sacred way. The creative process provides a powerful tool for deepening your inner communications. Through self-expression you begin to understand yourself and others from the inside out. 

Creativity is not about attempting to be something or create something so magnificent that someone else will want it or acknowledge it. It is simply to allow the spirit to fly free where it wants to go, give it life, let it play and direct you back towards remembering your sacred self. Your essential self is timeless and perfect in all your radiant imperfections and whatever you create is an expression of that beautiful being that you are.

My goal is to help individuals learn to communicate and access their own inner wisdom and locate their own inner healing capacities using the transformative power of creativity. Creativity is an act of becoming fully engaged mind, body and spirit and it can heal us. Creativity can facilitate powerful physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual shifts.  Many people report a sense of healing, growth, and personal transformation when they begin to express themselves (see testimonials).