Work of the Soul

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Quotes Through Mary's patient, gentle and persistent persuasion I began to discover and release hidden core issues that had been impacting both my life and my relationships. These core beliefs had gone undiscovered for over 5 decades. What I discovered was that my inner child both needed and wanted to be heard. Mary is a teacher who lives in her heart, in love, in the moment, and shares it all with wisdom, innocence and compassion. I would recommend Mary to anyone seeking healing or insight into anything of the spirit. Quotes
Avatar Master and Shamanic Healer

Quotes "Mary is a natural gifted healer. Her warm compassionate presence, along with her depth, insight and fearlessness to travel deep within the psyche/soul/spirit is untouchable-- within only two months of seeing Mary for inner child work, I released deep hidden anxiety from my childhood that I was unable to do with past therapist/healers. I have never worked with someone with whom I have felt so safe and present. Thanks to Mary's gentle and spirited guidance, I also unlocked an ocean of creativity. Mary is a gifted healer, a creative soul living in the moment affecting the world and her clients by her being-ness alone. Anyone who works with her will be blessed, touched and changed from the inside out." Quotes
Andi Starr

Quotes I've done years of therapy and body work.. .and Mary's study of energy seems to take all that and Ground it into the deepest and highest place for me. To honor the child within and give her that FULL attention, compassion, loving ear...and have Mary be a Loving guide to parent her in a more Loving Light is unbelievable. I am that much closer to my Truth and therefor happier as I learn through mary's guidance to become a better and more loving listener of myself. All i can say is I am CHANGED by my work with Mary. She is truly GIFTED beyond words in her healing work and I am beyond GRATEFUL. Quotes
Madison Christine
Intuitive Healer and Musician

Quotes Before meeting Mary, I walked down many avenues of healing trying to find relief for my chronic pain of depression. First there was therapy, then body work, EMDR, yoga, Pranic healing, psychic readings, angel cards, and of course books like the Law of Attraction, The Mastery of Love, and other books with messages about how to heal and live a full life. The problem was, I still felt miserable most of the time. I found very temporary relief from the sense that doom was my destiny and life was always going to be a struggle. I felt like an inherently bad person for I could not seem to get a grip, no matter how much I tried to project happiness. Mary's work has taken me to the source of these triggers. The dialogue of asking questions to my inner child and hearing her responses has a power in it akin to magic.I WANT EVERYONE to know how powerful this work is, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING SO HARD BUT ARE STILL STUCK. Thank You Mary! Your gift has changed my life. Quotes
Suzanne Elizabeth

Quotes I wish everybody could experience the joy of discovering oneself; Mary is an important element in that journey not to be missed. I hope everyone gives themselves this experience for it is invaluable. Thank you Mary, you really are a treasure and thank God you did the work on yourself, enabling you to share your gifts with us. Imagine not having you doing this work out there in the world; that would be a tragedy I believe. Quotes
Life Coach

Quotes There have been years of sitting on a couch or chair and digging into my story with a therapist to find the answers. It helped some to have a sympathetic ear and some guidance. There have been years where I have prayed and sought my answers through my faith. It too has been a huge strength to me then and now. But, I still couldn't find the little girl who had been ignored all these years. I couldn't hear her voice. I didn't know she had something to say to me. By a chance that is only guided through the strange synchronicities of life, I met a woman who helped me find the voice of that child who has been waiting so long to tell me her wish list. Mary Hoffman has spent a lifetime finding a way for her own voice to be heard. It is her life's work now to help reclaim the lost voices of our past childhoods. Quotes
Victoria Yeary
Human Resources Specialist