Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

Mary Hoffman, M.A. is a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer dedicated to helping others reclaim and remember the truth of their being.

This healing work is a synthesis of Inner Child Work, Shadow Integration Work, Somatic and Shamanic healing practices.

She specializes in locating and releasing people from outdated patterns of thinking and core beliefs that are keeping them from experiencing the authentic life they want.  This work is well suited for seekers, therapists, healers, artists, creative, empathic, intuitive,sensitive types who are committed to and have already been doing their own inner work.

She has an extensive background in the areas of Personal Transformation, Transformative healing practices, Shadow Integration Work, Shamanic healing arts, Alchemy, Light Work, Expressive healing arts, Metaphysics, Inner Child Work, Soul Work and Spiritual Healing. Mary has been involved in the Sacred Healing Arts since the 1980's. A dedicated seeker and inner explorer she took her own inner journey before becoming a guide for others.

She has a Masters Degree from the Sophia Center at Holy Names University (formally the College of Creation Spirituality) and Bachelors Degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Mary works with people from all over the world primarily by phone.  Individuals report that her trusting and loving presence is felt from a distance allowing them to connect deeply and feel safely contained as they enter and explore the inner realms.

“The first thing I feel when Mary connects to me is absolute total silence of the mind.  Then I get a feeling of total love and safety – like God and the angels are with me and I am totally safe (it is much more than that, but no words can describe).  I feel her energy with me supporting and guiding me and I always feel and sense a connection at a soul level– a feeling of I am here and you are safe, her energy is so familiar.  My sense is that her energy quiets the mind and allows me to be led to the parts of me that need healing while feeling the energy of love and safety pouring in around me."