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You will learn how to directly connect with your own soul's wisdom with this unique dialogue process. I act as guide and translator assisting you to directly connect and reclaim your own inner knowing

"During my session I felt so wonderfully warm and inspired. The process of writing to communicate with my own inner guidance was an interesting one to experience and remember that empowering place of connection to source and guidance we all have within."Read the rest of Kim's story and her dialogue.

"Mary led me as an angel, truly an earth angel offering guidance, and the truest of be-ing. She leads by following, listening and supporting/nurturing you into realizing your worth, your talents and passions, becoming all that you desire within. The magic is that it is not from is you being revealed." Lisa Intuitive Architect.                  

Mary began channeling questions for my fear parts to express, using the dominant and non-dominant hand tools to let this part dialogue with me to gain insight and understanding into what was hindering my freedom. Instantly I was able to contact a past life that was holding me back, and instantly I was enlightened, able to let go of  what was blocking me. After this sacred ritual, I came home full of new energy and inspiration. Rather than spinning in psychotherapy analysis for years, I got to come home after 2 hours healed and enlightened from a past life that was revealed hindering my freedom in this lifetime.   ~Andi Starr, Singer, Songwriter

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I've done years of therapy and body work.. .and Mary's study of energy seems to take all that and Grounds it into the deepest and highest place for me. To honor the inner child and give her that FULL attention, compassion, loving ear...and have Mary be a Loving guide to parent her in a more Loving Light is unbelievable. She is truly GIFTED beyond words in her healing work and I am beyond GRATEFUL. ~Madison Christine MFT Santa Fe

Mary was right there holding the sacred space in a way I have never experienced with any other healer. My heart opened immediately and I felt safe to drop into the difficult places. Her presence alone is healing, and I wanted to cry out of joy just for finally feeling safe enough to let my heart speak. Andi Starr Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Before meeting Mary, I walked down many avenues of healing trying to find something that worked. Traditional therapy, body work, EMDR, Yoga, Pranic healing, psychic readings, angel cards, and of course books like the Law of Attraction, The Mastery of Love, and other books with messages about how to heal and live a full life. The problem was, I still felt miserable most of the time.Mary's work has taken me to the source of these triggers Thank You Mary! Your gift has changed my life. Suzanne Elizabeth Artist

Mary Elizabeth is by far the most enlightened and gifted healer I have ever met. I have worked with many different healers throughout my journey here, but Mary is in a league of her own. She works effortlessly between the worlds to help us heal our core issues. She works with the most compassion and loving light that I have ever seen or felt. She has got to be an angel sent from heaven to heal all that come into contact with her. She leads, guides, and nurtures you while helping you to find and reconnect to your true essence. Pat LMT, Reiki Master

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