Work of the Soul

Inner child work

 Listening  for the Voice of the Sacred

 Join us as we reflect, share and explore how we listen and make room for the Voice of the Sacred in our lives.

 Learning to listen to the urgings and imperatives from the deep self allow us to make course corrections as we allow our lives to literally come true.  These urgings will lead us toward awakenings and powerful authenticity.

Join us for this half day workshop designed for sharing, reflecting and creative self expression.  The day will include a journaling exercise, creative box project, gathering and closing ritual. 

You have a source of inner wisdom which can guide you in everyday life challenges and decisions. Come free your soul's voice through Creative Expression.  You will be guided as a group and be held in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, as you learn to be receptive to your soul's inner wisdom and healing.   

The techniques we will use help to open the spiritual centers of the brain with guided imagery and meditation as well as journaling, collage and drawing.  No artistic talent necessary.

 All materials will be provided.  If you have some images or favorite magazines for collage, feel free to bring them.


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