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Heal the Inner Child

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 9:35 PM

Heal the inner child.  When areas within have gone unhealed and unheard they may show up in your outer life as problematic communications, anger issues, dysfunctional relationships, addictions or codependency. They may leave us feeling sad, lonely, abandoned or distrustful. Most of these issues were established out of earlier experiences which were learned in early childhood. These patterns and beliefs can be healed allowing you to change your perspective and move into a place of emotional and spiritual freedom. You may not even be aware that these defensive and self defeating patterns exist or that they are causing problems in your life. Often these patterns were formed in order to protect the child you once were but now are keeping you from the life you deserve and long for.

If you learn to listen to your own inner self, the inner child you begin to feel heard and are able to get some distance from old messages, emotional loops and tapes. The old wounds that you have carried can finally begin to heal. As you move along with the process you will begin to receive new messages based on truth and eventually will begin to relax and trust in your own inner guidance. When you choose to align yourself with the truth you begin to honor who you truly are. The more you learn to trust yourself the less likely it is that you will give your power away to others. As you learn to access your own inner resources you will begin to see more clearly and feel more empowered. You will begin to find a deeper level of understanding of yourself thus affecting your own physical and emotional health and your relationships.

Author Mary Elizabeth Hoffman, MA is a Guide, Spiritual Healer and Teacher.

 Are you ready to look within?

Do what you love

Posted on March 12, 2013 at 5:20 PM

Do what you love... Now here is a topic I could and talk all day about although this was not always the case.  It took me awhile to figure it out and awhile longer to start experiencing it and even longer to share it! Figuring out what we love can be a life’s work.

I love helping people discover what they love. I usually start with connecting the person to the inner child who opens the door. The inner child usually wants to go outside, play, get something to eat and be held but not necessarily in that order.  Very uncomplicated requests yet those needs often go unmet in our western performance driven culture. I love doing all the things that are not so highly valued like meandering, walking, meditating, reading a book, staring at nature’s wonders, creating anything, an adventure, sharing with a friend or stranger and if needed to be there for someone who is in need, or just simply being in awe of it all. I am delighted and entertained easily by nature's beauty.

During a recent session I asked a woman I was working with to close her eyes and tell me what she loved. She remarked that no one had ever asked her what she liked let alone what she loved and she nearly wept.  I will never forget it as her voice lit up as she began telling me in that phone call all that she enjoyed. They were all such simple things as holding hands and walking in the rain. I loved it too as I got to go with her on that journey and feel the words as they spilled from her heart. Here was this woman who has lived with severe depression her whole adult life sounding like a delighted kid. I often encourage people to consider these things for it is healing just to think of them and by sharing our words, we offer a gift to others. Perhaps we could start sharing what beauty we saw instead of how much one accomplished in their day.

One of the things I love is helping others to recover their inner treasures and to hear them share what brings them joy…it is one of the many things that I love. It brings out the delighted four year old in me.  Discover and share what you love. 

love,  Mary



Watch your thoughts

Posted on October 18, 2009 at 9:45 AM

"Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny."

                                          Author Unknown

         (This quote is written on a small chalk board in my favorite chiropractor"s office). 

Consider the change that would be possible if we would each carefully consider and observe and clean up our own thoughts.  Thoughts are powerful and can do great good but they can also do great harm, so it is important to watch your thoughts.  Speaking poorly about yourself or about others is harmful.  Those thoughts are being filtered through your perceptions and may or not be true, they are merely your assessment. If you are going to talk about someone why not share something that is kind. Share the highest story of a person. Remember the saying "that if you don't have something nice to say...don't say anything at all."  We could be healing and helping ourselves and others with our thoughts and our words. 

If you want to understand the power of your thoughts and the effect on your own physiology try this excercise that I use occassionally when teaching. Close your eyes and consider something negative or painful.  Pay attention to how your body is feeling.  Now think of something that pleases you. How does your body feel?  What you just experienced was the power of your own thoughts.  Remember be kind, do no harm. ~ Mary 2007

Here is a short clip that goes into describing the physiology of thoughts.


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Change your story change your life

Posted on June 27, 2009 at 11:32 AM

I have been thinking lately about the power of our story and that we all have our own evolving story lines. We each have different characters and plays that we have created based on our perceptions but none of us really know other people's plays or what their story lines are unless we share them.  So we should never, ever assume that they are anything like ours.  They have their play and we have ours.  A simple conversation can introduce us to a few of their main characters. We can also start having a conversation or inner dialogue with ourselves so that we become skilled at getting to know our own inner cast.  We can change our cast by changing our perceptions, changing our character/s and our view, we can even adapt or recreate our storyline but this takes time and understanding. We cannot change other people's plays but we can discover what part that have us cast in. We can even change their perceptions by what story we present.   It's good to know what part we play in other people's dramas. 


We begin by observing our own patterns of perception and the stories we tell ourselves.   Some people don't know they are trapped in old roles, beliefs and some do know but they don't know how to change.  Some of the roles have been difficult or painful and perhaps that story has never been told.  I was thinking about how a child will wait forever for a parent to return. It doesn't care how badly the parent has treated it, for it holds on to hope, even if the child is mad.  The Inner Child does this as well, it waits for us patiently and when the time is right it will let you know what it has to say.  


Our stories, our perceptions can change by doing Inner Work and by getting to know those characters.  


For instance if we have been abandoned or neglected as children or abused we may perceive that others are abandoning us when in fact they have a whole other script going.  The only way out is to go in!  


Our roles may change over time but that child might be pretty unhappy if it was forced to play a lousy part, after all don't we all prefer a good role.  The good news is we can change the story line, recast our characters. We can recreate and start a new family, an inner family and a new story for our lives.  It is never too late. 


The true teacher lives within each of us and it is our job to come to know that wise teacher.   We need to move into the job of  directing our own lives and begining to rewrite and change our script.  Being a director is not for everyone for it means taking control of what is happening.


 This is your life why not make it great!  


written by,

Mary Hoffman, MA 



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I've done years of therapy and body work.. .and Mary's study of energy seems to take all that and Grounds it into the deepest and highest place for me. To honor the inner child and give her that FULL attention, compassion, loving ear...and have Mary be a Loving guide to parent her in a more Loving Light is unbelievable. She is truly GIFTED beyond words in her healing work and I am beyond GRATEFUL. ~Madison Christine MFT Santa Fe

Mary was right there holding the sacred space in a way I have never experienced with any other healer. My heart opened immediately and I felt safe to drop into the difficult places. Her presence alone is healing, and I wanted to cry out of joy just for finally feeling safe enough to let my heart speak. Andi Starr Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Before meeting Mary, I walked down many avenues of healing trying to find something that worked. Traditional therapy, body work, EMDR, Yoga, Pranic healing, psychic readings, angel cards, and of course books like the Law of Attraction, The Mastery of Love, and other books with messages about how to heal and live a full life. The problem was, I still felt miserable most of the time.Mary's work has taken me to the source of these triggers Thank You Mary! Your gift has changed my life. Suzanne Elizabeth Artist

Mary Elizabeth is by far the most enlightened and gifted healer I have ever met. I have worked with many different healers throughout my journey here, but Mary is in a league of her own. She works effortlessly between the worlds to help us heal our core issues. She works with the most compassion and loving light that I have ever seen or felt. She has got to be an angel sent from heaven to heal all that come into contact with her. She leads, guides, and nurtures you while helping you to find and reconnect to your true essence. Pat LMT, Reiki Master

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